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About Us

Business Strategies is a leader in designing foreign market development for SMEs in the Wine&Food and Luxury sectors. Professional trainers in international expansion strategies supporting over 500 Italian companies through their expert knowledge of the single businesses involved and the target countries. Our mission is to optimize business opportunities and help each firm achieve its full potential, in particular by taking advantage of EU funds earmarked for companies.

Silvana Ballotta’s thirty years of experience heads up a first class professional team with a range of backgrounds, skills and expertise constantly honed and updated; a team that offers direct support to their clients, building sturdy relationships based on solid professionalism and painstaking attention to every last detail, managing processes with an unswervingly ethical approach and consolidated competence.

In 2015 we launched our joint-venture company “BS China” to help customers interested in expanding into China and other Asian markets.

Silvana Ballotta’s thirty years of experience heads up a first class professional team and our UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 and  ISO / IEC 20000 2012 quality certification is solid proof of  the company’s ongoing commitment to providing first class service.

Our mission is to be by our client’s side throughout the whole funding process, contributing expertise, passion and confidentiality. Their aims are our aims.


È uscito il bando POR  Creo Fesr 2014- 2020 “Incentivi all’acquisto di servizi a supporto dell’internazionalizzazione in favore delle PMI” della Regione Toscana. Questo bando è  finalizzato ad incentivare le micro, piccole e medie imprese nella costruzione di reti...


Dal 24 al 27 Ottobre 2017 le cantine italiane saranno guidate attraverso 3 città di secondo e terzo livello, alla ricerca di buyers e importatori. Taste Italy! propone una serie di incontri B2B con oltre 120 operatori, tra distributori e importatori, in queste città,...


VOLA IMPORT DA CINA E RUSSIA. RALLENTA LA CORSA NEGLI USA (Firenze 25 maggio 2017). Cresce del 6,3% l’export del vino italiano nei mercati extra-Ue, che nel primo trimestre del 2017 tiene il passo della media mondiale degli scambi (+6,1%) e vince il confronto con...


Business Strategies offers consultancy and support to companies who want to  developing international expansion projects and enhance their presence on foreign markets.

BS China

Our BS China office is in the centre of Shanghai, supporting clients who seek development in Asian markets, with the accent on promoting Italian excellence and raising profiles in the Wine&Food sector.

BS China has now inaugurated its “Taste Italy! Wine Academy”, the first Italian wine academy entirely devoted to Chinese wine enthusiasts. A Business Strategies initiative.


We guide companies through the choice of the best opportunities available on  regional, national and EU levels, according to their individual needs and strategic aims, suggesting ways to optimise their investment in these projects. We specialise in assisting clients through the whole process of applying for, using and accounting for subsidies and grants.

We are principally specialised in the promotion of Italian Wine&Food on both the domestic and foreign markets, international expansion for SMEs, developing competitiveness policies, research, innovation and the creation and development of business networks

The Pluto Platform

BS supports the planning and management of international expansion projects through its Pluto™ software platform, also available as an app for smart phones and mobile devices, in order to respond more effectively to company requirements and increasingly stringent EU regulations.

Quality and Ethical Code

Business Strategies has held UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 certification since 20/05/2016.

Our tried and tested quality system ensures that company values and aims are always well to the fore during all our work procedures, guaranteeing the optimisation of all our productive resources. This means we are constantly working on improving our  performance to offer our clients quality service with a high level of added value.

ISO-9001 PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Act) methodology ensures customer requirements and expectations are carefully analysed, measured, monitored and satisfied in compliance with their requests and general best practice.

BS has also been awarded ISO / IEC 20000 2012 quality certification on 16/12/2016, the international benchmark which attests respect for standards of excellence and best practices in managing business services, thanks to Pluto™, a dedicated tool used specifically to manage OCM international promotion projects.

The BS Business Strategies Group Ethical Code sets out the founding values of our work, highlighting the commitment and the ethical responsibilities of all active members of the Group.

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